About Us

Brighter Imaging. Brighter Diagnostics. Brighter Futures.

About Us

We have created an environment where the patient’s comfort and well-being come first every time. Our main goal is to use the most advanced technology on the market to identify, isolate and address your current state of health in an accurate and timely manner. Our team gathers a complete work up, accompanied by blood, tissue and urine samples for analysis in under 10 minutes. We gather comprehensive and detailed information on each patient so our team is able to identify the current condition within your body and monitor changes year after year. 

Results from our tests within 48 hours.

Technology alone is not what makes Brightview so successful; it is our ability to pair the best in class technology with on-site CDC level labs as well as our expansive in-house team of physicians, nurses, therapists and technicians. This convenient and reliable access allows us to deliver the results from any test you complete at Brightview Medical within 48 hours. Furthermore, all of the results are available at your disposal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on your Patient Portal.

We don't practice, we perform.

Our team is committed to consistently gathering more all-encompassing data about each of our patients to catch irregularities before symptoms occur. By analyzing each patient’s state of health and immediately applying preventative techniques or treatment methods, every patient gains a new-found peace of mind that isn’t available in today’s healthcare system. Our team at Brightview Medical doesn’t practice medicine, we perform it.